Best low cost video card for WoW?

I would like to know what a decently priced card would be to get good FPS while playing WoW. My machine is an AMD Dual 2.7ghz 7750 with 4gb Ram. The IGP is HD3200 but I dont think this will yield a good FPS. Please advise...
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  1. What PSU? We need to know the outputs, particularly on the +12 Volt line.
    What resoloution?
  2. Thanks.

    It is a 585 watt with dual 12v.


    I have a 19" lcd that I normally have set a 1280x768
  3. ^ yes, we really need to know what power supply you are using and what resolution you are playing at. Examples would be a 500 watt power supply with 32 amps on the 12v and a 22 inch monitor at 1680x1050 resolution.
  4. Maybe a little backround might help. I produce music so Im not really a "gamer' per se. The only game I play is WoW. I currently play on a P4 3.2ghz with a PNY Verto 6200 AGP. I generally get about 25fps with setting at low. I am getting the new machine I mentioned above on thursday and just wanted to know a good pcie card in the sub-$100 range that can have better performance than what I'm using now. Maybe be able to turn the details up some? Thanks
  5. 1st choice for me would be the HD4770 (as long as you're not playing at 2560X1600) at $99 - $109. The double lifetime warranty by XFX is worth $10 to me.

    lower cost options would be a HD4830 at $84 with a $10 rebate ($74)

    or a 9600 GT at $77 with a $10 rebate ($67)

    The only problem with the 4770 is a lack of drivers at the moment, it's such a new card the drivers on the disc that come with it may be your best option.
  6. WOW is more dependent on the CPU than the GPU so a modest HD 4670 should do. You could also get the HD 4770 which is significantly faster but still affordable at about $100.

    Neither card is power hungry so your PSU can handle either one of them.
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