Best BIOS for OC a Asus P5K-E/WiFi

Hello everyone,

I have a Asus P5K-EWiFi equipped with a Q6600 and I want to squeeze a bit more performance out of it. What is the best BIOS version for doing it? and does anyone knows of a good guide to guide me through all the setting. I know the basics but want to make sure I set all the voltages correctly.

Thanks in advance,
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    Well the best bios would be considered to be the latest bios the one with latest updates and for the guide...there are a lot of guides out there, here are a few:

    and there are others out there...just google it...

    the stepppings of the chips might make some differences but overall the process of overclocking these chips would be the same...
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  3. Well I hope that was helpful... ;) if you do any overclocking post the results here...
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