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Hi there everyone!

Basically what my problem is, that I built a new pc with these specs (some new, some old)

MotherBoard: MSI K9A2VM-F V2 780V Socket AM2+ 7.1 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard (new)
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition 2.7GHz Socket AM2+ 2MB (2x1MB) L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor (New)
RAM: Kingston 2x2gb DDR2 4gb Ram (new)
HDD: 150GB SATAII with Windows XP on it (old)
GPU: XFX Nvidia 8600GT 512MB DDR2 (old)

ok so when I built the system I set up my bios for the SATA disk to load first then my CD/DVD drive. I thought it'll be fine when doing this.

But whenever I tried loading it up from my hardisk which already had Windows XP on it from my previous system it just doesn't load and I receive the error.

"Windows did not start properly due to recent hardware changes"

i've tried loading it all of from the different modes Safe mode etc. all 5 of them and it just doesn't load up!

I'm really looking for some help and it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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  1. reinstall the OS.
  2. How do i do that? sorry :(
  3. bump?
  4. When you put a hard drive that already has an OS on it into a new PC it will almost never work, your OS is tied with your old hardware.

    you must have a windows XP disc with the CD key to reinstall windows XP, you do this by going to bios and setting boot order so the cd-rom is the first boot, then you put the XP disc in and when the screen says "press any key to boot from CD" press any key, then follow the simple instructions.
  5. Thankyou very much i'll work on that shame about all my old files might have to re-build the old one and get all the files onto CD's!
  6. don't you have a NAS or something you can put it on?

    you could also use one of the e-mail upload services which allows you to send gigabyte's of data at a time and then you could download the data again which would save you using the cd's.
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