Big problem with my raid0 hard disks after BIOS update


Yesterday I updated my BIOS with @BIOS and after I restarted my PC, I got MBR error 1 and MBR error 3. After searching about 2 hours I found that the problem is my hard disks got out of raid 0. Before I had 2 500gb harddisk that was known as a 1Tb . Now I have 2 500 gb that are known as 2 500gb hardisks and they aren't readable.

How can I reconfigure the raid 0 properties again without formatting my hard disks?

I dont want to lose my windows and my datas.

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  1. You could possibly make some progress if you restore the BIOS back to its state before the update. Otherwise you may have lost whatever was on the drives. Like many of us before you, you have discovered that one never ever updates the RAID drivers or BIOS when running an array especially one that is not backed up.
  2. The bigger problem is that my BIOS backup is in that harddisk.

    Are you sure there isn't any way to recover 2 Raid hard disks? I found some Raid recovery programs with searching in Google.
  3. Did you tell the new BIOS to use RAID 0 for your drives?
  4. When you update your bios it will reset your bios you just need to re enable your raid on your board you don't need to format your disks I updated my bios the other day and had to do the exact same thing your bios will recognize the raid 0 after that and re enable it no problem. Who makes your mother board if you have any issues with it I might be able to tell you exactly how. :)
  5. Honestly I forgot how to enable raid 0. my MB: Gigabyte P55-USB3

    Im searching for it...
  6. Tnx every body. everything is fine.

    I was really dumb that I forgot this simple thing.
  7. Your mobo manual will point to the BIOS settings required:

    Unfortunately, I couldn't download it to help you. But one setting will be on the Integrated Peripherals page (SATA RAID/AHCI Mode) - set to RAID. The you should be asked to choose which SATA ports (ie, disk drives) are in the array.
  8. Great! Glad you're up and running.
  9. nice glad its back up and running lol did you panic thinking you lost every thing?
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