OCZ X2 RevoDrive now or wait?

I am hoping to enter the ssd market within the next 2-3 months (sooner the better). I can get the OCZ X2 RevoDrive 240GB for $630 now but I've heard the next gen of ssd is coming out soon and will drive prices down.

I am new to the ssd market so what do you guys think? Get the ocz revodrive now or wait a few months for it (how much will price go down?) or their new product.
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  1. Well the size makes sense because I need tHe speed for some software which uses a database that can get fairly large. What state do you think the pci / ssd market will be in a few months? Much faster or cheaper prices?
  2. How much will the price go down? Good question. The talk is that 25nm NAND will make a big difference in price/gb due to the fact smaller process allows for higher density per wafer. I question this logic myself but I'm not 'in' the industry.

    However, the biggest change should be size. SSDs are small and you pay big for 240GB any way you cut it. I like the pcie interface idea but am concerned about the current motherboards' abilities to implement it well.

    Wait for intel G3 and evaluate the situation on that day. Sandforce will come out with some new products too.

    Also, protection is a big upgrade for G3. Apparently a power outage during write operations can cause big problems with today's ssds and this problem will be mitigated with capacitance by intels third generation. This might be worth waiting for too depending on your application.
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