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Where to buy Thermalright Silver Arrow Cooler

Hi all,

I am looking forward to buy Thermalright Silver Arrow Cooler, for my new 2600K build. They dont sell it on NewEgg.
I have found couple of unknown stores online (dont know if they are reliable sources). Amazon carries it but for 15-18 dollars more as compared to the original price.
Is there a better source for the right price??
Also would it work/compatible with the 1155 socket for 2600K SandyBridge Processors??
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  2. Hi.

    You can see here: the full list of place that sell the Silver Arrow, the thermalright's page is the direct source, so, should be good sites.
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  4. if you want to buy silver arrow in india then look for they are the retailers for thermalright in india...
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