Best "futureproof"/bang-for-buck system?

I think this has been touched on in many threads on these forums, but I want a clear answer:

What should I go with, if I want to best futureproof (foreseeable future) and bang-for-buck system?

AM2+, AM3, 775, i7?

I'm just talking about the CPU, MOBO, and RAM.
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  1. get an am3 cpu on am2+ board, the am3 boards which are out now aren't worth it due to future incompatibilities so there's not much pointing in spending the extra cash.

    775 won't have any upgrade's and i7 isn't a very good bang for buck and will cost more than the other systems.
  2. cool.

    i was thinkin am3... what future incompatibilities are you talking about though? i know there's some new chipsets that are gonna be released, but old chipsets will still be compatible with whatever new am3 cpus they release, right?

    for am3, i just thought that it'd be better futureproof-wise, since you will only have to upgrade cpu (and possibly ram), but not the mobo?
  3. they will be compatible but due to the hypertransport speed going up significantly it will tremendously degrade how fast the processor is.
  4. Well, AM3 is much better bang for the buck than i7, at least for gaming. Also, if anything is going to have future incompatibilities, it'll be the AM2+ boards.
  5. yes but the extra saved justifies the incompatibilities and you have until Q2 2010 to get another cpu which is compatible with the motherboard.
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