GF7050VT-M V1.0

hello my onboard lan aint working at all andnot turning green or orange when i have the ethernet plugged in it, before it was working great til lastnight it was flicking my internet on and off and then it suddenly stop working. the drivers are installed and its in the device manager and says working properly and i did a reboot and a sleep mode and waking it up that way and still not working and when i have it plugged in my x at the taskbar says its unplugged when it plugged in the back so i put another ethernet port in the pci slot and hook it up there and it turns green and working fine but my onbaord lan aint turning on at all is there anyway or a tester to see what is wrong. motherboard is new and only a month old and im running windows xp 32 bit
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  1. I would try replacing your ethernet cable, it could be flaky. (Working sometimes depending on it's position)

    If a different ethernet cable gives you the same issues...

    Check your BIOS settings, If your BIOS has an AUTO setting for LAN try using Enabled instead.

    A good way to see if it's really a motherboard issue is to plug the cable into your motherboards LAN port then turn your computer on and stare at the orange and green lights while the computer is still booting. Generally these lights will come on BEFORE you get into windows. If they still do not and you ahve tried a different LAN cable then you may have a motherboard issue.

    Also, working at a computer factory for several years has tought me that if it's gonna fail, it's gonna fail soon. I would call the manufacturer of your motherboard and tell them about the issue. They will likely fix it for free. (That does mean you will need to take the motherboard out though.)

    Last ditch effort...
    Confirm that your LAN connection tied to you onboard LAN port is enabled.
    1. Click start
    2. Click settings
    3. Click network connections
    4. Right click on one of your connections
    (The most common name for a LAN port is Local Area Connection, 2, 3, 4 etc.)
    5. Click properties
    (Look for "Connect using:" and confirm that this is the LAN for your motherboard)
    (If it is not repeat steps 4 and 5 until you find right one)
    6. After you have found the correct one right click on it and see if "enable" is a option. If it is click on it.
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