Can you overclock your gpu via BIOS???

I realize you can use software to overclock a video card, but can you just increase voltage and speeds in the BIOS?
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    Not with a dedicated GPU, if you had for example a sandy bridge CPU that has a built in GPU then you could overclock that via the BIOS.

    MSI afterburner is a good program for overclocking/overvolting your GPU.
  2. thanks, once again. I'm beginning to think you are a genius. Let me know where to send you some ice cream :)
  3. I'm not a genius, I just love overclocking stuff :D
  4. In addition to the tools OMG mentioned some cards (x1800GTO, 6950) do have modified bios's you can flash your card to inorder to unlock features. Try a websearch with the name of your card and hack to see what might be out there.
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