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Hi all, Here is my problem which started yesterday after a manual shut down of the system. Everything was working perfectly before I shut it down to run errands. When I came back and powered the system back on, it shut off after a few seconds. I pushed the power button it came back on with no video, no POST and no beeps. It then started to cycle the restart, and shutdown repeatedly and will not make it an farther. I built this system myself and has been running for almost 2 months normally. I had a problem with the first Mobo and had to return it, but got the same make and model. the original mobo wouldn't accept the RAM, it beeped if I had more than 1 stick of memory installed. The replacement mobo worked just fine. That is until yesterday when all of this started to happen.
Here's what I have tried up to this point. I reseated all of the power cords, uninstaled everything except for the cpu and psu. Without RAM installed, I got 3 beeps,I have also installed the RAM one at a time in all of the 3 dimm slots with no luck, without the hard drive installed, no beeps, without the video card no beeps. I have reset the CMOS jumper with the battery out and left it unplugged for about an hour. Still nothing. I have reseated the graphics card also all to no avail.
Any suggestions here would be helpful.
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  1. This is weird, but I have exactly the same problem and it started on April 17. This is on a system that's been running fantastically for about 14 months.

    1. System shutdown normally.
    2. Pushed start button.
    3. Fans started and pump started (liquid cooled system) and ran for about 2-3 seconds.
    4. No beeps, no post, no video.
    5. System shuts off.
    6. About 10 seconds elapse.
    7. Go to step 3 and repeat forever until power is cut.

    I replaced the motherboard and the memory. Obviously this means that everything was reseated. Symptoms are exactly the same.

    I checked the power supply and it seems to be working properly.

    Help? Please?
  2. This is signs of a dying PSU (most likely) but there are a lot of possibilities. When my PSU started dying it usually took 2-3 times to keep pushing the power button to power the system. Either dying PSU or inadeaquate.
  3. Well, I replaced the PSU. No change to the symptoms. All I have left are the CPU, the video card, and the case itself.
  4. Same here dsgoen. The only possibilities left in my system is the cpu, video card, and hdd.
  5. dsgoen, Did you try to reseat the cpu heatsink? I have been told that my cpu heatsink fan actually had been cracked and wasn't making a good contact. Something more to check.
  6. Yes, I reseated it and, of course, it was also reseated when I installed the new motherboard. I'm traveling through Wednesday, but I have a new CPU arriving tomorrow, so I can try that as soon as I get back.
  7. Can you hold the reset button and while holding it press the power button and get the fan to stay on that way? If so the PSU is not your problem, you have a short or bad connection in your mobo, you should try to run the basics (video, RAM, power) with the mobo outside of the case and see if it's a poor connection problem.
  8. same here i took out everythin from case tried to run with minimum.Still nothin tested everything in a different computer and it ran fine.The computers mobo would blink with a blue led if stayed on or it would shutdown.It would say ff then go to f on the left of the debug and f on the right of the debug with single f's.As i said i tried it all in another computer and it ran fine.And tried a different power supply on the new board still nothin.did cmos and all that so my problem is probly the mobo.U should try taking it out of case and running it ona box leaving cmos out for some time and test parts if possible
  9. i had a similar problem on a system i thoungh the worst.I tried everything fresh hardware the only thing was left was the motherboard.Anyways i reset the bios & bingo it was happy try that it might work.
    Michael :)
  10. how do you reset a bios with no screen?
  11. There is a reset jumper next to the backup battery reset it with that or remove the battery & unplug the power for a few minutes the put te battery back & switch it on.
  12. He already did that read b4 ya post mayb.I thought u meant flashing it back or something.
  13. I would have to agree with taking your motherboard out of the case and trying to boot that way.

    You may do some googling on your case and see if anyone's had issues with it shorting out their motherboards.
  14. True sorry it was 2am & i was braindead lol.
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