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Hey guys, I've been building computers for a few years and have never run into this issue. Basically I have an ASUS P4P800S (i think it's S) mobo with a p4 prescott 3.0 in it. I've had it for years since the precott had just came out and it's always run fine, never OCed it or anything. Anyways, One day it would start freezing on me and sometimes it couldn't find windows when it booted...but a few hard power downs later and it would always work like a charm. Well finally it refused to boot to windows, I get the BSOD. It says something along the lines of windows must be bad...please reinstall. I know it's not windows, i have a valid XP copy.

So long story shortened, I replaced every piece of hardware from vid cards, graph cards, hard drive, ram...I mean everything and I'm trying to install windows fresh on a new HD, but every time windows finishes loading to install it self I get the BSOD.. I can boot into the BIOS just fine, I even updated the bios but still nothing. Anyone have any ideas? Is my board shot? Why is it dying right after windows finishes loading? any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You may have a bad memory stick. Don't know if you can run memtest on another system to check them out. I would also consider upgrading. Right now is a great time to buy a basic system, just before the release of windows 7. One poster found a complete acer amd system for $149 at staples. These deals are usually in smaller towns. My local staples had none left.
  2. I've tried 5 different working mem sticks. they were in my other computer, so they work. This is just my back up I have sitting around. I just would like to figure out what's wrong with it and get it up and running. My real PC I just built a few months ago, so I'm definitely upgraded, it's my third machine since the P4...Bu I just really liked that computer...
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