Can't adjust cpu multiplier ratio in windows on P67A-GD55

I am using I5 2500k on MSI P67A-GD55 and I can't adjust the cpu clock multiplier ratio in windows using the msi control center 2 software. I have updated bios to 1.74 and then 1.74beta and downloaded the most recent control center 2 from msi website. I enabled the option in bios that says allow cpu ratio adjustment in os. When I apply any cpu ratio changes in windows it does not actually take effect. I can however adjust cpu vcore using the same program. I am able to adjust ratio manually in bios. Anyone have an Idea why this wont work for me in windows? Please help, thanks

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  1. So you have the sandy bridge huh? well I wouldn't really know as the cpu is really new...but you should be able to adjust those settings on the bios...
    And in any case it's better to adjust cpu multiplier in the makes it a bit more stable...

    I'm just saying that as an overclocker I wouldn't overclock the cpu using software...
    I would go into the bios and change the settings there...way better than software most of the time... anyway good luck ;)
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