Can not boot after failed Overclocking

I used to have my Asus Striker extreme overclocked to 3.6 gigs. No problems for over sic months. Then when I had a problem with the neteork adaptor ie it burned out I undid the OC and installed a network card. That's been running fine for a while. Today I thought I would return to thje over OC and made all the changes in the BIOS. But it wont start and I can not get ointo the BIOS to undo it. It begins to start, I hit DEL to enter BIOS and it just dies. I removed the COMS battery and put it back in but that did nothing. I also pushed a lit up button on the Mobo that says reset. Don't tknow what that is but it did nothing as well. Now I'm really worried. Any ideas on how to un-OC this thing so I can start it?
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  1. maybe you need a new cmos battery?
  2. Clear CMOS on your motherboard (using cmos jumper).
    Replace the battery.

    If neither work, maybe your motherboard is on it's way out? When you say it dies, do you mean it just shut downs when you press delete? If you don't press delete what happens.. does it boot up?
  3. Thanks Guys,

    The new CMOS battery helped me out But then I went farther and gutted the Blackbird and got a new Gigabyte mobo, 12 gigs of RAM and i7 950, new EVGA video card and power supply. I guess I now have a new Blackbird. I'll call it the 003.
  4. 12GB of RAM? Sexual ;]
  5. The 3 x 4 gig DIMMs of Corsair RAM were so cheap I could not resist. I think they were like just under 58 bucks Canadian with a $20.00 rebate;one per family. I even considered getting 24 gigs but I was afraid that would really be going overboard. I didn't ant to be a RAM-PIG ;-)
  6. 24GB would be a little too much. I think 16GB is max in todays market.. another over that and you look like a jackass lol.
  7. Yeah I think it would definately be overkill. I was also thinking about potential heat too although the rebuilt rig is running way cooler than the original
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