Can I configure the BIOS in 'ASUS P6T Deluxe V2' MB to work simutaneously with one HDD in SATA mode (as system disk) and other two HDDs in RAID 0 (for video storage)? Any ideas? Thanks a lot!... :bounce: Allan
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  1. Yes is posible. You have 3 HDD, install the 3 HDD, enter to the BIOS configure as RAID system, boot from the installation CD and load the drivers of the mobo for RAID (make you sure that are the correct for the OS). Select the 2 HDD as a RAID 0 and the other leave the other HDD without change.
  2. Thank you so much for your quick and professional response, saint19!! You removed a stone from the top of my heart...

    As a future owner of an ASUS P6T motherboard, I was just worried by a remark I found at:

    where a certain "videoguy" wrote: "We found we could not use the on board RAID controller because it would not allow us to have a non-Raid boot drive and a RAID for storage." (but it was for ASUS P5Q3 MB, it's true). So for video storage they recommended either a SOFTWARE RAID 0, or a dedicated HARDWARE 'G-Tech G-SPEED eS' storage solution with PCIe card (external controller with 4 drives in a box), both of which I want to avoid!... I just need to use the SATA RAID built-in capabilities of the MB, not a slowed down soft solution or an extra $1000 piece of hardware.

    So, did you effectively use this 1+2 configuration with the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard own controller ? Or is it going to be a WINDOWS controlled RAID 0 array? I will appreciate any feedback... Cheers, saint19, and have a good day!

  3. Always is better an extra RAID controller, but no to expensive. When you work with server (2003,2008) usually the partition where the OS is installed isn't a RAID drive.
  4. saint19 said:
    Always is better an extra RAID controller, but no to expensive. When you work with server (2003,2008) usually the partition where the OS is installed isn't a RAID drive.

    Saint19, thank you again for your time and kind attention! :)

    It looks that the 'G-Tech G-SPEED eS' external controller was proposed as RAID 0 only for higher data safety, higher transfer speed (4 drives!), better cooling, and data availability among computers... and NOT because it would be really impossible to have a double type of controll over the HDD data stream with the same MB!

    Personally I feel that 2 drives are enough for my RAID 0. As you suggested, I will try this on "ASUS P6T Deluxe V2" using the MB's own RAID controller for video storage ONLY: SATA OS single drive and SATA RAID 0 double disk video storage (and spare that extra $800...$1000 cost of G-SPEED!! Grrr!).

    I appreciate your concern, saint19! Cheers!

  5. OK and let us know if your PC works well.
  6. An external Raid controller is generally bad because its bus doesn't have the necessary bandwidth.

    Typical 7200rpm disks have a measured throughput of 120MB/s, so already 2 disks don't fit on a single PciE bus with a theoretical bandwidth of 250MB/s.

    Worse, an added raid controller adds its own firmware delay when booting the computer, often something like 10s - though some of them can be adjusted.

    To my eyes, these are excellent reasons to use only the chipset to build a Raid, unless you can use a wide PciE (like 8x) for the added card or chip.
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