Which 120mm Fan of these 5. For reasonable cooling and low noise ?


Which fan would you recommend ?

Arctic Cooling F12 (and the TC version).

Schyte Slip Stream 120mm (All the diffrent RPM versions)

Cooler Master Silent LED 120mm

Yate Loon 120mm D12SL-12

Noiseblocker 120mm NB-Black Silent Fan XL2 Rev3.0+Slics 1500rpm


I will be installing in a future ( NEED money :D ) build with a Cooler Master Elite 430.
And I will use 5 Fans + the incluted front Fan, so I don't think I will need a lot of CFM, personaly prefer silence.

Please don't suggest other fans, since they are either ot of my budget or not available :ange:
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  1. i like scythe product quite & low noise
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    slipstream & noiseblocker are good ones... mixed results personally with yate loons... best 120mm fan i have come across is actually a 140mm fan with 120mm mounting frame... Noctua NF-P14 FLX but very expensive at $20... newegg has it for $32...
  3. Well since I'm going to get 5 Fans, 20 USD is out of the question :)

    I'm intrested in the Arctic Cooling since they seem to use Fluid Dynamic Bearings

    (they should be better than sleeve bearings right?)

    Im not going to go OC crazy, just want some nice case airflow to keep everything cool.

    Thanks henydiah and abully
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