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SSD boot drive, RAID 0 storage

November 26, 2010 6:47:52 PM


For some time, I've been using 2x Seagate 1tb HDDs in RAID 0 for storage/primary drive (back up is on a NAS). This has worked fine...

Just recently, I bought an intel 80gb SSD to use as a boot drive, and I was planning on having 3x HDD RAID 0 for the main storage system. However, I'm having huge problems even getting the hard drives recongnized in window 7 (x64).

I've searched and searched, but have found absolutely nothing on having a SSD as a boot drive and conventional HDDs for storage (the key here being: in RAID 0 - ie - not just 1 single disk). Are there any step by step how tos out there on this? Has anyone sucessfully done it?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!