Acer aspire 5310 bios chip

Hello everyone!
does anyone know what kind of Bios chip does Acer aspire 5310 have
and where its located?

thank you
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  1. Many newer bios chips are embedded in the motherboard, so you can't replace them. If you're lucky, you can use a pcll puller tool to remove it. But I don't know how you are going to get a replacement. If your system is working, I wouldn't do anything to it except maybe upgrading the memory.
  2. thanks for your reply :)

    i know that is soldered for sure :D

    i just dont know if its PLCC32 or spi or anything else cause i cant identify it as it doesnt have anything indicating it as a bios chip :(

    my acer isnt working! there was a bad flash and no recovery method worked.
    the laptop isnt even turning on!

    i know that if i got the bios chip replaced it will be fixed :)

    my options are identify it and then order a bios chip and replace it myself
    or sent the motherboard (which costs a lot more and its kind dangerous with the greek post) and get it replaced.

    so we are back to my original question :)

    here are two images of front and back side of motherboard :)
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