Mini-network on top of a Static IP network HELP!

Ok so heres the deal.

At my place of work I have a static IP network that works great with the exceptions of...

1) No Wifi (Yes i could just make an AP)
2) They have both Media Sharing and File Sharing blocked.

Now, what im trying to do is setup a network on top of a network. That way the few computers i have in the back here can talk to each other Freely with out limitations. Now if i plug both computers in to the Big network they both can get online just fine when i enter a Static IP But, they can see each other but they do not talk to one another for Media sharing (Im hooking up a Network Reciever to my computer for media streaming (Denon AVR-990)) Now i figured 1, i want Wifi in my room. and 2 if i setup a network they would be able to talk to one another with out having the same rules as the big network....

Now if anyone knows how to set this up it would be great! What i want the end results to be is that My computer and the Reciever can talk to each other and both things be able to go on the web along with any WiFi device i choose.

I am using a belkin N150 WiFi router. I have tryed both Dynamic setting and Static IP. Neither of them will get out to the Internet. I've tryed to setup Dynamic with Static DNS's also. No internet.

I dont care if the setup has to be DHCP or Static IP (Small network) and just being an AP is out of the question since they computer and reciever cant talk to one another.

Oh, And i dont have access to the big network either. =) Thanks.
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  1. This may not be what you want but you could install a second network card into one of the two coputers and connect that to the big network. Then connect the other devices to the second ethernet card on that machine through use of a hub or switch. Next enable internet connection sharing on the pc connected to the big network to enable the other devices to get online. It should be that simple good luck hope it works out for you!
  2. Forgot one thing the reason its not working is in most cases the big network will already contain a dhcp server and you cant add a router to a network already containing a dhcp server.
  3. Yea, i have thought about doing it that way but i was trying to make the connection as fast as possible. also if i use my computer as the router or as the shared connection, would my computer be able to talk to the components that are pluged into the switch? and the other thing is, is that would the same "rules" of the big network such as Media sharing and Files sharing disabled would that continue on through to my little network? or would the fact that my computer just passing on the internet connection kinda stop that and really allow me to make my own network anything past my computer? becuase if that is the case then yea ill do it that way. Thanks.
  4. You say you are at work, correct? I would not mess with anything without clearing it with the head of the network department first. Some companies do not take it lightly when messing with their network. I wouldn't. Those rules are in place for a reason.
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