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I have a Antec 900 with a Q9400, 4gb of ram and a 9800gt. I get about 27FPS on FSX. It looks decent but i want better scenery. Every time I pump up the scenery it starts to lag. Everyone says this game is a CPU intensive, but my CPU doesn't work very hard. I think it the graphics card. Any recommendations for better performance.
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  1. Yes its more cpu intensive. Is your cpu at stock speed? If not i would recommend overclocking to 3,2ghz+ and if you need even more fps i would upgrade gpu to a gtx260/4870
  2. I've been looking for the answer aswell.. Don't go with either of those cards. From what I've read FSX prefers Nvidia, specifically the pre-200 series cards. I just bought a 9800GTX+ (haven't got it yet but it's apparently one of the best cards for FSX) although I got a bit screwed cause I found out later that a 250GTS is just a rebadged 9800GTX+ that runs cooler. So I actually paid more for an older/hotter card. Also I assume you have SP1 installed for FSX, otherwise it won't take full advantage of your quad core.
  3. Well wasnt the cause of low fps caused my pre-mature drivers? I believe things are patched up by now.
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