System Reboots When Checking Windows Experience Index

I just finished up building my first PC (yay!), running Windows 7. I'm pretty sure everything is working, but when I try to Check the Windows Experience Index, it runs the test and then reboots my system when testing DirecX 9. Because of that, I'm sure it has something to do with my Graphics Card (HD4830), but not sure what. Any ideas? I've already updated the driver via the Device Manager, and tried one from ATI's website. I haven't tried to play a game yet, but will soon.
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  1. Ok, so the same thing happens when I start a game, the computer just suddenly reboots.
  2. What psu do you have?
  3. I have this Enermax 425W PSU

    As I've said, this is my first build, so I may have messed something up when assembling it.
  4. Ok, I was thinking it could be a bad psu, mine had the same symptoms right before it fried my motherboard. The wattage is plenty for the system though.

    Uninstall your gpu driver completely and get the newest one from the manufacturer's site.
  5. When I try to install a Driver manually, Windows says "Windows has determined the driver software is up to date".

    These are the steps I followed...

    1. I downloaded the display drivers from here

    2. Opened the Device Manager, and tried to manually direct the "Display Adapter" to the downloaded file.
  6. Did you uninstall first? Sometimes that makes a difference. I wouldn't rule out a bad power supply yet, though. Any burning smell from the pc?
  7. Nope, no burning smell. The drivers didn't work either. I uninstalled the ATI Catalyst Manager, and was able to reach the game's loading screen (I couldn't get pass the opening cinematic before). Maybe the Graphics Card is overheating?
  8. I'd say the most likely cause is a bad PSU then.
  9. Hmm... I had a similar problem from a previous iBuyPower machine, but I was able to atleast run the game for a while before it rebooted. Maybe it's my outlet? I'll try to switch outlets when I get home.
  10. Ok, so now the computer won't even boot into Windows without shutting down, and rebooting a few times If it is a faulty PSU, do I take this up with Newegg or Enermax?
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