Help with video card and low power warnings

I am currently running a AMD athlon x2 dual core 6000+ @ 3.02 GHZ 4Gig of dual channel OCZ DDR@ ram on a MSI K9N4-sli motherboard(MB)I have a sony DVD-RW and sony CD-RW, 2 SATA HDD's and @ IDE HDD's totaling almost a teyrbyte of HDD space. tunning win xp pro sp3 and all updates.
and I have a thermaltake case and Power supply(PS) a thermaltake TR-2 550 watts. it has 4xsata, 6xmolex, 2 floppy, 4pin 12v,20-24 pin and 2xpci-e 6 pin connectors.

now I was running 2 evga 7600's in sli, then I upgraded to a gigabyte nvidia geforce 8800GT ( I have 2 ) but I put in the 1 and plugged in the 6 pin connector powered up and it said low power dumbing down graphics plug in your extra power connector meaning the 6 pin, so I tried the oter card same thing. then I tried 2 molex with an adapter and it worked.

Now 2 days ago the Nvidia sentinal program came up again saying low power plugin yo9ur 6 pin cable.

so I tested my 2 6 pin connectors with a DMM and there putting out what thermaltake specks say

I havn't tried both cards in sli because I figured if it can't handle one the how isit gonna handle 2

any ideas or help on what it might be would be very much appreicated, I have built alot of systems and am fairly knogable. So this is really making me mad. and apparenty other people have had similar issues but no one has a deffinate answer.

please help it is killing me having 2 8800GT's and I can't even run 1 at full power my games look like 1980's nintendo games

Please help thanks
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  1. Try to reinstall all nvidia drivers.
  2. I did that I even used driver cleaner after the uninstall to remove all remenants from the registry and then reinstalled
  3. could the PCIE slots on the MB not putting out enough power the only thing I have not done is flash my bios
    only because it has been a while since I have done that and I can't afford to not be able to get onlie at all
    and currently none of my other systems are up and running (long story)
  4. I use 2 molex and an adapter and my card works just fine
    but the pci-e connectors don't work
    what the heck is going on
    I need a DMM to check if they are even putting out power
    I don't know what else to do except buy another PSU
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