Yet another noob OC thread...

Sorry for being the noob at this, but I'm trying to learn. As you may be guessing I'm relatively new at OC'ing and would like to do this right and understand it to a certain extent.

Anyways here are my specs:

CASE: Define R3, No PSU - Silver Arrow

PSU: 750W Corsair TX CMPSU-750TXEU 140m

Mainboard: Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Intel X58 DDR3

CPU: Intel Core i7 930 2.80 GHz 8MB Box
130W S1366 (currently at 3150mhz = 150 bclk)

GFX: MSI N480GTX-M2D15 - GF GTX 480 -
1.5 GB - DirectX 11

RAM: Corsair 12 GB kit DDR3 1333 Mhz

HD: Samsung 1TB SATAII/ 7200 HD103SJ

I'm tring to understand it all I've been reading posts, forums, guides you name it alot this last week, but I wouldn't say my complete understanding has moved all that much. Here are my main questions.

And yes I'm running with stock cooler so this will all be theory until I get my new cpu cooler. The minor OC'ing I've done so far was after making sure in several places that there would be no harm to this and I have monitored my CPU temps ever since (no real increase) but then again, very small OC.

What I've done so far is go to bios disable auto OC option and set it to manual. Then changed Bclk value to 150 which gives me 3.15 ghz as opposed to the 2.80 default speed of the CPU. Then I set DDR to 12xx (for some reason if I left this on auto, it downclocked the ram to lowest settings) considering my ram are at 1333 I assume it's safe as long as I don't pick anything higher than 1333 in this setting right? Do I understand this part right?

Anyways my goal is to reach 3.7-8 ghz with this CPU, so after I buy my cooler I need to understand what I have to experiment with to reach it. Why is it you can't just settle for changing these few settings I have changed with my current stock cooler? I mean Bclk, ram frequency and disabling of speedstepping? Why do I have to experiment with voltages etc. and how do I know how much I should change the various settings as I go along?

Why is it I can't just set my Bclk to whatever equals fx 3.7 ghz, see if it's stable with tests under prime and be a happy monkey?

Hope someone has the patience to help me out and please ask if you need anything clarified.
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  1. Wow not a single comment, guess I made a mistake when choosing these forums. Ill find another site then bye
  2. Keep in mind that when you change the BCLK, the DRAM speed also change.
  3. If you leave your voltage settings on auto youll end up using way more than is needed, thus producing more heat. If you want to get some idea where to start download cpuid hardware monitor & prime 95. Then start up the monitor & run prime w/ your stock settings to get a good idea where to start with your cpu vcore. Also check out some of the oc ing guides on youtube that helped me out alot.
  4. Hey thanks for the replies, but I went to and got tons of feedback in no time so I'm good. No need to keep this thread alive.
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