Help, I'm finding a Clock adjustable ATOM mainboard.

I'm using a Foxconn ATOM mainboard for downloading purpose only.
(24 hour downloading machine, must be fanless !!)

Because of i'm using it a downloading machine only, i don't need high performance.
Problem is temperature, CPU is almost 90 Celsius degree and mainboard temperature is 70 Celsius degree

I'm trying to adjust CPU clock to lower
BUT Foxconn ATOM mainboard do not support clock adjustment.(Damm Fixed to 1.6GHZ)

So. I'm finding a another Mainboard, which is best solution?
Is there are any suitable Mainboard(Fanless + Clock adjustable mainboard)?
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  1. I'd suggest looking at how your case is laid out. 1.6GHz shouldn't generate too much heat. How's the airflow?
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