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Hey all, I've just unlocked my Phenom II x2 550 from two cores to four cores and it looks like I'm going to need better cooling than the stock heatsink/fan. I'm not overclocking at all and haven't messed with any voltages but the idle temp is 46 degrees and the temp after 10 minutes of Prime95 blend test got up to 66 degrees. (I'm guessing based off the socket temperature).

My case is Micro-ATX and I have the ASUS M4A785-M motherboard and I'm in Ontario, Canada just for reference, does anyone have any advice for a cooling solution around the $20-$30 range? If I can't get a good cooler for that I'm willing to go higher.

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  1. whats your core temps??? thats what you have to monitor... get CPUID HW monitor or realtemp for reading the right temps...

    Whats the case you have??? exact case with model and if available a website url... and how many fans you are using... the CM hyper 212+ will be the best option for you but we'll have to see the case for clearance issues first...
  2. Look around Tom's for the multiple cpu cooler charts it has to offer. You should be able to easily find one to your liking.
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    Newegg has a lot of good choices. I prefer Cooler Master N520. The 212+ is also very popular. Both will bring idle temps to low 30's, eveninto the 20's.
    If you don't have fans mounted on your case side, either should fit, but measure first to be sure. Dimensions will be listed in the manufacturers website if not on the retailers.
  4. The 212+ seems to be a good choice, but I have a no-name OEM case so checking the specs. could be difficult. Does anyone know what kind of temperature drops I could expect with it or will I just have to try it?

    whats your core temps??? thats what you have to monitor... get CPUID HW monitor or realtemp for reading the right temps...

    It's not possible to monitor core temps once the other two cores have been unlocked unfortunately, but the socket temp is consistently 4 or so degrees off. And I'm already using HW Monitor.

    Thanks for the replies everyone :p
  5. OK patrick... first measure the height available from the cpu faceplate to the side door... you need a minimum of 165mm clearance (without a side fan on top of the cpu or 190+ with side fan)... if you have the clearance then 212+ will be the best choice for you...
  6. ^ +1 it will fit in a standard mid atx case (I assume there is a standard size as every PC I have made with a generic case has been the same size).
  7. I believe it's a Micro-ATX case, not Mid ATX. But I will have a look and measure.

    If worst comes to worse I suppose I could just run with the side panel off it it doesn't quite fit.

    I'd buy a new case but it's either textbooks or a case. :??:
  8. Running with the side panel off can ruin the airflow for everything else, consider the TX3 if it will not fit.
  9. Generally if the case has room for a 120mm rear fan, it will fit the 212+. What case is it exactly? pictures?

    Where in Ontario? Near Toronto? There is lots of places to shop there. NCIX, Canada Computers, Tiger Direct(nt on my top list, but yeah.)
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