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my profesional xp wont download what i get is home idition
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  1. You get what you paid for.
  2. Combat Wombat said:
    Tig, sorry to say that does not help at all...

    I was trying to be nice and let the OP know that although he/she may be trying to download XP Pro, and getting XP Home instead, if OP actually purchases XP, they would get what they paid for, which for one would be a legit OS.

    I just ran out of my prescription for sharp, pointed, anti-piracy remarks today. [:tigsounds]
    I only have "legit sounding, but bogus help for pirates" pills until tomorrow. Have a look at this post
    HERE and you'll see more of what I mean. I do have a fresh supply of real, legit help pills, but these two didn't qualify for their use.
  3. Folks, when you find spam don't quote it. Then I'll just have to delete your post too.
  4. Sorry boss :(
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