Crashes after 3min of 100% load

I'm currently running my i7 950 with ht enabled at 20x205 with 1.3v and after running prime95 for about 3min my comp crashes. i have the h50 and it goes from about 73c-85c and then crashes. I've tried many different voltage settings but it still crashes? anyone know why its not stable?
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  1. You're on a H50 and you're getting 85C!?

    Is 73C your idle CPU temp (not core temp)??

    If you set everything to stock settings, are you able to run prime95 for a full hour without crashing?
  2. I'd say the overclock is too aggressive. Roll down everything to stock settings and then try.
  3. its very differcult to get past 4Ghz with a cor i7 9xx CPU, you need to do alot of research and tweaking.
    Do you have hperthreading (HT) or Turbo boost on?
    I would recommend some voltages to try but to be honest your at your CPU's temp limit really, I wouldn't recommend you overclock/overvolt further.

    To regain stability lower your multi or blck value.
  4. Lower your clock right now lol, you're going to melt that ******! o.0
  5. Hi whop1 and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Please list the specs of your rig, before that I only can say you. You temps aren't good, more with a "liquid cooling"
  6. Whats that.....?? Anyone smell burning intel ??
  7. ^ I thought it was just me.. you smell it too?
  8. Yeah, your system is not stable. It would be more useful to post more stats.
  9. What do you mean crashes???

    Blue screen or system shuts down? If it shuts down, your cpu is too hot (too much voltage). If you get the BSOD, you need more cpu voltage.
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