HDD how to make one big disk from 2 patritions

Hy, i have my hdd 500 gb and i have it separated on two patritions 270 gb and one 230 gb, now i wan to have my old 500 gb disk back to one patrition. Now i have already deleted one patrition (230 gb ) and left my 270 gb patrition and not deleted it, now if i connect my hdd to pc will it recognize ful 500 gb disk ore just one non delted patrition only 270 gb?? pls help i have took apart my pc and have no ram anymore so i cant startup my system.
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  1. Most likely you'll have to merge the partitions or resize the exiting one with a partitioning tool.
    Back up your data before trying anything.
  2. ok, i'll keep it in my mind
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