Having problem with nvidia driver for my lg e500

Whenever, i install nvidia driver, the computer automatically restarts. Further more, it goes blank(black screen) after the windows loading sign is finished. I can however get in safe mode. When i uninstall the nvidia driver, i can login in normal mode. Without the driver the screen breaks to two and has bad quality. Any ideas or solutions will be welcomed
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  1. I have also a problem with LG E500. After 2,5 half years of usage as i primary computer, my laptop suddenly got a problem with displaying picture on screen. Sometimes it gets normal picture on display, but after some time, mostly about half hour to hour of work, colors on screen get bad and computer restarts. After restart i have multiple screens displaying on my monitor, actually 6 pictures separated with black line through middle. And after numerous restarts it keep going displaying 6 screens, but sometimes i get lucky and succeed to get normal one picture with normal colors, but after that process is keep repeating. What could be a problem? Is it on physical base, like graphic card is gone, or maybe monitor. I doubt that monitor is problem, because from time to time i have normal picture displaying on my monitor. OR is it a software/driver problem? Which i doubt also, cause after a problem appeared, i reinstalled Windows Vista, and problem still stayed. What i also noted, is when i reinstalled Vista, my computer was able to perform longer without problem, but soon as i installed my nvidia drivers the process of getting a problem speeds up.

    LG E500
    1,83 Ghz dual -core
    1024 MG RAM
    128 MB nvidia
    120 GB HDD
  2. Absolutely the same problem as acoj182. Think it is related to a Logitech webcam install, happened when adjusting the resolution of the camera.

    Cant roll back the changes, tried deleting the webcam software, updating the video driver, rolling back the video driver, all with no luck.

    Seems to be random if it starts with multiple screens or not. Computer also randomly freezes when it is working with one screen image.

    Using Windows 7 Pro 32bit, not Vista, so it would appear NOT to be OS related.

    Any suggestions?
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