Is this build ok?

gonna be picking up a new comp in the next few days

CPU - PII 940
MoBo - GA-MA790GP-UD4H
PSU - 720W GIGABYTE Superb Power Supply
RAM - Kingston DDR2 4GB Kit PC6400 800MHz
GFX - galaxy 260(216)

powercolour 4870

also im a bit of a noob an dont know how all this crossfirex and SLI works has something to do with using multiple video cards at once but because the 260 is nvidia it doesnt support crossfirex which is what the motherboard supports so would it be worth getting a card that does support crossfirex as well?

than ks in advance!
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  1. yeah go for the 4870.
  2. hmm the 260(216) seems to preform better than the 4870 in benchmarks but with crossfireX a 2nd 4870 could be added later on is this right?
  3. yeah, are you comparing the 1gb 4870 or 512mb?

    if your comparing with the 1gb then overall the 4870 is slightly better because some games prefer more gpu core's, others prefer higher gpu speeds which is where the 4870 loses however they are pretty even when it comes to amounts of those games.
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