High hard drive temperatures

Is this safe?
(They've been running like that for a few months now)
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  1. Seems a bit high. What kind of hard drives do you have? What kind of case/fan set up?
  2. Those are definitely higher than they should be. Mid-30s to mid-40s is ideal, above or below that failure rates start to climb.

    See this Google study on disk failure rates
  3. Huh? My Samsung Spinpoint 500GB runs at 23C, sometimes climbing to 26C but it never goes higher. Should I be worried?
  4. Well the Google study shows pretty clearly that drives running below 30C have the highest failure rates of all up until they're about 3 years old, and then they're overtaken by drives running at 40C or more (but still higher than 30C).

    The bearings and lubricants in hard drives are designed to run at a certain expected temperature, and from the Google data it certainly seems that they don't like temperatures below about 30C.
  5. Crap...well how should I make my driver run hotter?
  6. You could try blocking some of the airflow going past it using some duct tape. Don't let it get too hot, though...
  7. That is very interesting and logically true that a it should be running at an idle temperature same as cars do, just sounds so funny to hear about getting temperatures up when everyone dreams of getting a PC near freezing point :D
  8. ^Agreed...same here, apparently my hardware is running to cool. BTW sminlal, just to make sure, my CPU idles at 25C-30C, my videocard idles at 35-40C, are those temps fine, anything damaged, just to make sure lol.
  9. I've never heard of any issues from chips running at too cold a temperature, in fact the opposite is true - so I'm sure you're fine with your CPU and video card.
  10. So... you... ummmm..... duct tape your HDD yet? lol.
    but seriously you got the temp up yet?
  11. No, I'm going to move it to the bottom of the case, there is a bit less airflow there, right now its right smack in the middle where my main intake fan is. And i'll change probably today later, if it highers temps i'll tell you :)
  12. Yeah hows that either way you might loose, solve one problem, create another.
    Lets hold thumbs
  13. mine sits at 27c i see no problem with it.
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