2x evga 250 gts 1gb or a single inno3d 285 gtx?

Hey was just deciding on graphics cards, here are my current parts:

- Intel i7 920
- Asus p6t
- 2x sata seagate 250gb in raid 0
- Coolermaster realpower pro 650w

2x evga 250 gts 1gb in sli
single inno3d 285gtx 1gb??

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  1. Resolution maybe :sarcastic:
  2. definitely GTX 285, GTS 250 is only 9800GTX+, even though in SLI...or if I was you I would get GTX 275, pretty close to GTX 285 and you save nice cash to get second GTX 275 later on...assuming that you have 24inch at 1920*1200, if you have only 1650*1080 one GTX 275 will do perfect job for quite long time, if you are under 1650*1080 treshold...buy new monitor
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