Antec 1200 crossfire paranoia

To put it short, does my antec 1200 chassis have enough airflow to cool down my 2 radeon hd 6850 graphic cards in crossfire and a six core phenom 2 1090t processor?

Do i need a cooling system or maybe a fan that goes on the side of the case right in front of the 2 graphics cards... suggestions anybody? I just want my nail bitting paranoia to go away while i'm trying to enjoy my awesome computing performance.
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  1. Yes, it does have sufficient air flow. Also will depend on the motherboard of course. If there's exactly 2 slots between the GPUs they will be sandwiched very close and the top card will definitely be hotter (but still should be safe). If that's the case a side fan does help. If there's 3 slots between them, then there will be a nice gap in between the cards and plenty of air can get in, so the top card will be fine.

    I have an Antec 902 case, and I ended up adding a side fan to blow on my GPUs because I put aftermarket heat sinks on them, but while I still had the stock ones on they were fine.
  2. Yeah there pretty sandwiched in there thats why i'm not " lovin' it" like Ronald would say. I played Black ops with everythong max out for about 10-15 minutes in full action with lots of *** happening on screen... and after i check the temperature with CCC and it was at 45 c... wich i'm guessing is pretty good... but still i'm slowly becoming bald. What is the recommended or "normal" temperature that crossfire should have and is there a way to monitor it while in-game so i can like GTFO before i start smelling crispy plastic?
  3. Until you break 90C you're fine.

    Normal should be below 70C.

    Your 6850 defintely runs cooler than previous cards but they stand up to heat just the same.
  4. Thanks bud :D still would like to see the video card temperatures while i'm playing though... or test it to see the max it will hit like... ever.

    I'm paranoid like that because back in the day i bought a geforce 6200 and the thing actually melted ... so i'm taking extra precautions this time.
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