Will an amd x2 7550 bottleneck a 9800gtx+

i was looking to buy a computer for a really cheap price so i found a good deal from this store in my city..

it was $299 with these specs:

AMD Athlon X2 7550+, 2.5Ghz, 3MB Cache
AMD 740G Chipset
2GB DDR2 800Mhz
DVD�R/RW Writer
5.1 Channel HD Audio
Mid Tower with 450W Power Supply
10x USB 2.0

Once i buy it i am going to upgrade the ram to 4gband i was planning to buy a 9800gtx+

my question to you is:

will the amd 7550 bottleneck the 9800gtx+?
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  1. You would ceirtanly get higher FPS with a better proc, but I don't think it would be a huge bottleneck.
    I'm just speculating here...
  2. While it will not push the 9800gtx to it's fullest, it will run nicely.
    You can probably overclock it a little without problems and that will help.
    What bothers me more is the brand of PSU in that tower........
  3. Yeah, the included PSU may not be able to power a 9800GTX. Find out what brand and model it is.
    Worst case, if it is crap and you can't replace it, you could probably run a 4670 without problems, which will be a vast improvement over the integrated graphics.
  4. thnx,

    about the psu tho... its stock :S

    but im pretty sure a 9800gtx+ only requires a 400w system so shouldn't 450w be enough?
  5. probably a bit of a bottleneck in some applications.
  6. "Stock" what though? If it is crappy, it may really only be able to output 325W-350W safely.
  7. i meant stock as in factory...don't know if its crappy though

    I'm not worrying about the psu, I'm pretty sure it'll do just fine because I'm buying it from a reputable store-all across Canada.
  8. To answer the original question, it may bottleneck it a bit, but not anything that you would be over concerned with.

    To help those regarding the PSU issue, they want to know the brand of PSU for several reasons.

    - They want to make sure it has the proper connections that your 9800gtx would need

    - They want to make sure that it will provide enough power SAFELY. A general watt amount doesn't tell us much, if it is a decent quality, then all would be well, if it is a bad quality it might send power spikes to the card and make it act funny. Also, you have amps to be concerned with

    - They want the piece of mind that they are helping you with your entire project, not just your GPU.
  9. 0o

    you sir just OWNED me...

    aaanyways ill ask them about the psu and get back to you
  10. 8(

    if you're saying i was the one who owned you then i'm sorry, i didn't have that intention in the slightest.

    and it was innapropriate of me to speak for the rest of these guys... so, to rethink what i said...

    I personally would have an issue with offering advise on a build without knowing all of the information, whether it was valuable or not because in a case where you followed my advise and something didn't work or whatever, then i would feel responsible. Case and point, you buy a new GPU and your PSU fries it. <-- i would feel bad.

    again sorry, the only people i pwn are the sad little workers i student admin for at work ; )
  11. You won't be able to feel the bottleneck unless you game with high settings in a high res monitor. OC it a bit. But then again, it depends if your PSU has enough power in the 12v rail and enough connectors. Hopefully, that "stock" PSU isn't generic.
  12. ok thnx again ^.^

    so tomorrow ill find out if the psu is "generic" :p or not

    again sorry, the only people i pwn are the sad little workers i student admin
    for at work ; )

    i like ur job :D

    EDIT: and masterjaw im planning on playing high settings without AA but im using a 19" soooooooo >.>
  13. BUMP
  14. If you play with the settings taking in consideration that the PSU is delivering the power needed for the GPU, you will have no bottleneck. You just have to over clock the kuma to 3.0-3.1Ghz (1.4v for 3.1Ghz) but before all this I would consider you buy 2 more gigs of that 800Mhz ram for the stability of the system and go from there... I did it with a 250 GTS and it works fine....butter....
  15. It's a good gfx card, but not so good that everyone cpu will bottleneck it. if you can, get a step or two up from your cpu, if not, you will be fine.
  16. ezkiller... i don't see where you're getting "the 9800 gts is not good"... it's a perfectly fine card.

    I could agree with a statement like, "if you can find a 4850 for a better price, you could consider going that route sense the 4850 and the 9800gtx are roughlyt he same in performance."

    Also, your comment about the 4870, yes, the 4870 is a damn fine card, and would be a really good choice (especially if you can still get em for around 130~ bucks) but if you read the previous posts here you would see that we are unsure what the PSU is and the 4870 somewhat takes it up a notch needing 2x6pins vs the 9800 and 4850's 1x6pin.

    And again, if you read the OP the concern is "will this bottle neck that", if the OP is worried about a 9800 getting bottlenecked, then that worry would only be heightened by an even more demanding card like the 4870.

    The 9800gtx is a good card. It is reliable, time proven, can still handle most games at high settings, and takes 1x6 pin plug.

    The 4850 is roughly on par with the 9800 series and boasts the same benefits as the 9800 except that you could also (probably) get Catalyst controls and start messing with the OC stuffs.

    The 4870 is a really nice card and a really nice price and would be a more ideal choice than these other two cards but you would want to DEFINITELY check the PSU, and you "may" run into more of a bottle neck situation.

    You could consider looking for a GTS250 instead of a 9800GTX. The GTS250 is the same chip as the 9800GTX but runs a bit faster and will give you more performance. It also only requires 1x6pin connector.

    ATI and Nvidia, doesn't matter as long as it gets the job done, right? Right.
  17. yep, I agree..... 9800GTX/GTS250 .... 4850/4870.. who cares as long as you can play the game at respectable FPS and have a little bit of eye-candy....
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