Antec 300 and Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2 advice

Hey guys, I am about to purchase for my antec 300. I currently have only 2 fans on the 300, the top 140mm (exhaust) and the back 120mm (exhaust) as well. I was wondering what would be the best setup for the fans in my case?

Also if you think that It would help I am willing to buy some new fans, if so which fans would be intake and which would be exhaust.

Lastly which way do I need to face the arctic cooling freezer 7 pro fan?
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  1. Hi.

    I'd add a 120mm intake fan and keep the two exhaust, Typhoon AP-14 or AP-15 can give you very good air flow.

    Regarding the cooler, install it with the fane to the front side of the case.
  2. those fans seem a little expensive, could someone reccomend decent intake fans I could have on the front of my antec 300. ( i need 2). also could someone tell me if i need a fan on the side of the case if so, do I need intake or exhaust- or just reccomend me a good fan for the job.

  3. I need one from ebuyer or scan, I don't live in america.

    Also to make it clearer now I need 2 intake fans for the front (blue leds preferable-make sure you can see the leds when the fan is turned around for intake).

    Frozen CPU, Siderwindercomputers and performance-PCS has International shipping.
  5. I would just buy some Antec Tri-Cools.
    Good quality fans specifically suited for your application.
  6. The 2 intake fans are going to help a lot with the pressure flow in your case.
    Any of these fans are fine...Their are a bit expensive but them come from a quality company so you know their worth it.

    I would choose this this green one but you prefer blue.Personally i think green and black look really good espisally in the dark.

    Your case supports another 120mm on the side but with an aftermarket cooler in a small mid tower i don't think it would fit.But the 2 intake fans are still really good.
  7. Are their any other sites you can buy from so i could look up some more things.The cooler master fans are a bit expensive but they are high performance and quality.I'm sure i can find some lower priced ones...
  8. I really don't mind too much about what site they are from... As long as they are a reliable company like scan and ebuyer. Thanks for the help so far too ;)
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