Bottlenecks in Raid 0

I was thinking about setting up a RAID of six SSDs on my Evga x58 Classified motherboard. Now is the SATA II bottleneck imposed only between the southbridge and the SSD (i.e. the physical wire) or does it also occur between the southbridge and processor (i.e. the system bus/QPI link)?
In other words would the total combined bandwidth for all drives be 6*3Gb/s or just 3Gb/s (in which case I should just skip the SSDs)?
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  1. Southbridge to northbridge has 2GB/s mostly (PCIe 2.0 x4), but some Intel chipsets appear to be limited . Not sure which those are.

    Intel chipset RAID0 should be very fast with SSDs. You can enable write caching if you have some form of backup, for increased speed at the cost of possible corruption on power loss or a blue screen/crash.
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