Terra bit slave drive won't inialize.

I have 3 hard drives installed on my computer, a 320, a 120 and a 1 tertabit. the 320 is the op sys drive. the op sys is XP PRO. it crashed and i reinstalled the op sys. i went into comp mgmt to inialize the other 2 drives. the 120 inialized but the terra bit would not. i have data on the terrabit drive that i do not want to lose. how can i get this drive back online with out losing any data?

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  1. So you can see it in the disk management but not in My Computer?
  2. it is not in my computer. i inialized again and now it says basic, online but it is still unallowcated. it is asiking me if i want it dynamic. in the properties pane is is now showing all info, it does not show a drive letter and is says unallocated
  3. All Programs/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk management. Try assigning a new drive letter. Change the SATA port if this doesn't work.
  4. it will not let me assign a drive letter. i do not understamd why it is not letting me assign a drive letter when it shows basic and online. where do you assign a SATA port? would changing to dynamic let me see the data on this drive?
  5. Don't change to dynamic. I mean the SATA port on the motherboard, try them all.

    LE: The SATA cable that goes to the mobo.
  6. I assume that you have Service Pack 3 installed on XP? The earlier variants of XP may be having trouble dealing with a drive of recent vintage.
  7. I think Wamphryi is headed in the right direction. The original version of Win XP could NOT use any HDD over 137 GB because it did not include a feature called "48-bit LBA support". That feature was added in Service Pack 1 and maintained thereafter. You had to re-install XP on your 320 GB drive. Check carefully- you may have re-installed an original version that did NOT include any Service Packs. This can give you to big problems.

    If that's the situation, it certainly cannot handle the 1 TB unit. BUT it also cannot really handle the 320 GB unit. If you re-installed original Win XP to the 320 GB HDD, I bet it actually created for you a Partition of its limited size - it will show up in My Computer as a C: drive of 128 GB total capacity. This will work for you, and it will be happy with the second drive of 120 GB. BUT it means you're only able to use 128 GB of the 320 GB HDD that you have installed to. You CANNOT use that extra space, nor can you use the 1 TB unit, until you upgrade to at least Service Pack 1, and I recommend you go up to SP3. If you do that, THEN you can do two things. First, you'll be able to connect and use the 1 TB unit. Second, you can use Disk Management to Create a second Partition out of the Unassigned Space on your 320 GB unit and Format that for use as a fourth "disk drive" with its own letter name.

    If you had been able to re-install Win XP from an Install disk that did contain at least SP1, you would not have any of these problems. So check to be sure - just what version of Win XP do you have installed now? Click on Start ... Control Panel ... Help ... About Windows, and see what it says. If it does not say "Service Pack #" in the OS name, you have only the original version.
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