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I'm in need of some tips about what to upgrade on my system. I play online games mostly, lately Aion and when I have like 200+ people on the screen my fps goes down. I feel I need more power, but at this point you think I should upgrade my cpu or get another 4870 and do a crossfire or take both options in consideration. What about the board? I play on native 1680x1050 and will stay on it, not planing on upgrading my screen now. So any help please? (:

My Rig: (copy paste from everest)

QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2400 MHz (9 x 267)
Asus P5E (2 PCI, 3 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)
Motherboard Chipset : Intel Beachwood X38
System Memory : 3328 MB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)
DIMM1: Kingston 1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)
DIMM2: Kingston 1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)
DIMM3: Kingston 1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)
DIMM4: Kingston 1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)
ATI Radeon HD 4870 (RV770) (512 MB)
Samsung SyncMaster 226BW/MagicSyncMaster CX226BW (Digital) [22" LCD] (H9XQ204824)
Creative Audigy 2 ZS (SB0350) Sound Card

thanks in advance.

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  1. Your processor is the main problem right now, and that q6600 is begging you to overclock it to 3ghz. Set the buss speed to 333, and see what happens.
  2. Ok will try it right now
    thanks! :)
  3. And if that works, get one of these:
    and push your CPU speed as far as you can while keeping vcore under 1.50 volts and core temperatures under 70 C.
  4. Ok, it works look!
    I'm going to play for a while and see if it's stable.

    @jsc - I have this one. Is ok?

    About vcore under 1.50v, is possible with this board? I dont remember well but I think I read few months ago, there were problems with P5E and voltages or something the BIOS wont allow to change some values... need to check though. I really dont remember.

    Anyways I still need a new cpu right?

    Thanks again!!! :)

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    Your CPU is fine. I found a Q9550 for 169.99 at Microcenter and sold my Q6600 on ebay for almost the same. If you can do that and your mobo supports it then great.

    I oc'd mine to 3.6, prob could go further but I have no issues atm so Im not.

    Tbh, I would OC that Q6600 and forget it unless you can do what I did.

    If you need more than that then get the 2nd video card and crossfire. This will be more of a benefit I would think...
  6. I suggest a better quality RAM, look for DDR2 800 2x2GB sets. Kingston went downhill fast, I recommend G.Skill.
  7. my kingston 1GB 667 ram clocked up to 800 no problems. ran for nearly a year on it.
  8. In this order:

    1) Overclock
    2) Ram (2x2GB DDR2 800+)
    3) Processor change

    Have you also considered your internet connection? What up/down is your service? What does your look like?
  9. Ok, I did more overclocking as suggested and this is the far I can go.

    If I go higher, the system freezes and I believe it is the RAM fault.
    :( , anyways the difference now is noticeable running at 3.2Mhz and stable!! :o

    The board supports 1066 so I will get some better quality ram as Gskill at 1066Mhz.
    Supported FSB Speeds are 1600/1333/1066/800 so, a processor change is in my plan too
    but should I go for Core 2 Quad or just a Core 2 Duo, remember this is for gaming.

    and this is my connection speed, I guess is not a problem at all right?

    Once again thanks all for your great tips and comments, it is really helping me a lot. :)

  10. if you arent overclocking, you're underclocking!

    always happy to see another persona satisfied by the unlocked potential of their cpu.

    always consider the overclocking potential of computer parts you buy, it can raise the value and bargain of what your are shopping for.
  11. I would go for a Core 2 Quad Q9550, it runs at 2.83Ghz and has four cores for quite a bit more longevity than a dual core. Your internet is great, so that certainly isn't a problem. Good luck with your future plans.
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