600w for my i7 build?

Hey guys and gals, I am very new builder with a limited base of knowledge but I am trying to learn fast. I am building an i7 on a budget, and I can't afford a new PSU for a few weeks. I have a OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W ATX12V & am working with:
Asus P6T (original, = ( didn't research about V2 with OC palm)
Intel Core I7 920
E-geforce 8800 gts
G-skill tri-channel ram (3x2) 1600
WD Raptor 74 GB
1 cheap cd/dvd drive
Cooler Master HAF 932 (4 big fans)

I do not plan on OCing with my PSU OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W ATX12V, just want to know if its safe to run this system on default settings?
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  1. for sure. should handle your base setup fine.
  2. daidalas said:
    for sure. should handle your base setup fine.

    Well, if thats the case! I am supersiked.
  3. I'd get a cheaper case (RC-690 or Centurion 590) and use the savings to upgrade to a more recent graphics card - maybe a GTX 260 or HD 4870. That PSU can handle any of those and they're a lot faster than the 8800GTS.
  4. Check out the Antec 300 too.
  5. I already purchased the CM HAF 932, its pretty awesome looking and I hear it keeps my compenents cool. I currently don't have the cash for a new videocard. Im finishing my build this weds, when i get my check, I will be purchasing my core i7 920, a 74 gb raptor and a cheapo cd/dvd drive. Thats all I can afford this week and thats the last 3 pieces I need to atleast have an up and running PC, if all goes well. Fingers crossed. lol
  6. Don't buy a 74gb raptor, the WD6401AALS is just as fast, if not faster and 9x the size, and less noisy.
  7. xthekidx said:
    Don't buy a 74gb raptor, the WD6401AALS is just as fast, if not faster and 9x the size, and less noisy.

    Well it does have great reviews.. And I can go with it cause it saves me 25$ Thanks... How do you like you p6t? is it deluxe or the regular?
  8. Its the regular, and I am quite happy with it. Only issue I had was coming out of low power state, but I don't like sleep mode anyways so I disabled it and no problems whatsoever. Overclocks very easily. I wish that it had the PCIEx16 configuration of the deluxe, but it wasn't worth the money to me.
  9. cool so when i upgrade my PSU in a few weeks, I am going to upgrade my GPU as well. Do you recommend 2 video cards sli mode? or just 1? I really only play world of warcraft. 5 accounts at once, which is 5 versions of the game running at once. Can you lend your advice?
  10. Two 4830's scale very well and will give you performance similar to a 4890 for less, but consume slightly more power.
  11. whats your budget for the video cards? whats your resolution?

    EDIT: yeah.. xthekidx's recommendation is probably the most likely choice id say, as long as you dont have anything against ATI
  12. 2048x1152 bout 500$ per card but buying them one at a time.
  13. That is a very large resolution, I think I would aim for a 4870x2 or 2 4890's in xfire or 2 GTX 275's in SLI. If buying one at a time, I think you should look at either GTX 260's or 4870's or better GPU's. 2 GTX 285's would probably be able to max out every game at that resolution.
  14. if you go with xthekidx's video recommendations, 600w is not enough
    let see
    2 of those and the minimum power needed is around 800w if not higher since you also have to account for the CPU and such.
    you could get by with this PSU
    or this one to be safe

    note since you plan to by 1 at a time, 600w might work (not sure due to OCZ), but once you get your second you need to upgrade your PSU
  15. An 850tx would be enough for 2 GTX 285's. A 1000w PSU is overkill, it would only be necessary for 3 GTX 285's or 2 GTX 295's in SLI.
  16. Ty guys ill keep that in mind and i know i'll be upgrading the PSU before the GPUs. Thanks
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