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Do headphones lose any of their clarity if they are plugged into the HD audio jack that is on the front of the PC (the HD audio jack is connected into the sound card). I was wondering if it would sound better being plugged in through the back jack via the onboard sound card. I also am getting a OMEGA Claro Halo which has an headphone amp in the back. I will assume that the HD audio jack in the front of the PC will not be utilizing the am as well, is that correct? Thanks!
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  1. I hate bumping, but its already on second page, probably not going to get seen again.
  2. YEs this correct , I have a similar setting, xonar dx 2 have also an amp for the headphone. but when I connect, like you, in the front audio the sound come from the onboard card.
    solution for that ... Check if your sound card have external connection on it. not just an headphone output in the outside but also pin ready to be join with the front audio of your pc.

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