Hd 4200 overclocking

How would i overclock my integrated hd 4200 graphics card and what program would i use?
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  1. Rivatuner.

    There are guides there that will allow ATI Mobility and onboard ATI video card to be overclocked using RivaTuner.
  2. hi...
    no software for VGA Ob, just check in CPU-Z best for Ob use
    go in bios in
    internal graphic configuration :
    - set UMA+sideport
    - change memory 512/auto , but your ram much big because sharing it
    in overclock Set Manual
    - CPU NB 1.200~1.400 for standard heatsink
    - raise Voltage NB VID 1.1750 V
    - increase voltage sideport : 0.05
    - in Clock control : GFX engine overdrive set Enable raise 1000~1050 (imy system can set 1080)
    - HT link min 2000 / for best is 2800
    (over from 2800 score 3Dmark 06 drop)

    test your OC VGA OB use 3dmark06 how much your score :
    this sample my OC :

    1024 x 960
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