P7P55D LE & Dual Channel RAM problems

Hi there,

I am setting up my new i5 rig with the Asus P7P55D and this RAM:

Corsair 4gb DDR3

For some very strange reason, if I install the RAM into dual channel mode, the BIOS will only recognize it as 2GB (Slots a1+b1 or a2+b2) but I install the RAM into single channel (a1+a2, b1+b2) it will notice all 4gb, but CPU-Z reports it as being in single channel, which it of course is.

Could anyone please help explain why I can't run my RAM in dual channel mode? Do I have a buggered motherboard? :(

Hope someone can help!
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  1. You can also try other memory sticks with your new rig. Who knows, the memory you bought may actually be faulty.
  2. Or it could be a non-matched pair - look carefully at the labels, but that seems unlikely.

    Need to put one stick in and run memtest86 on it, then the other.
  3. I have this same problem, I belive the problem actually lies with the first bay being set to dedicated OS ram so I have 8 gigs in my computer but 4 is dedicated even though they are in a dual channel configuration i'm going to see if I can put a 2gig stick into the a1 slot which is my dedicated ram slot and move my 4 gig to the a2 slot and see if dual channel will work then
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