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I'm transforming this really old Dell B110 into a HTPC. It only accepts PCI cards. I plan to buy from my local computer store. They only carry the 5200FX and the 6200LE. Can these output HD with a DVI to HDMI adapter? Also do these have HDCP, or Video Acceleration?
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  1. No HDCP. If they have video acceleration then it would only be good enough for DVD.
  2. Haha thanks, what about the HD2400 or the 8400GS? They both come in PCI flavours as well.
  3. ^^^

    Yes to both, but HDCP implementation on the HD 2400 might have been optional so review the specs prior to purchasing.
  4. Also note that Blu-Ray acceleration will probably be weak since they are value cards. For Blu-Ray playback it is recommended that you have a somewhat modern dual core CPU.

    A weak CPU and GPU can result in choppy playback.
  5. Will the Celeron 2.53GHZ CPU be enough power? I can run HD on my 2.4GHZ P4, but with a 3650. My 8400GS can barely accelerate the Blu-ray, maybe a 2% loss in CPU usage, so right you are.
  6. A 2.53GHz Celeron is less powerful than a 2.4GHz P4.

    Answer = No
  7. I've found the 9500GT in PCI, might just give that a try.
  8. The CPU is still your greatest limitation.
  9. I understand, do you think that the 6200LE will output 1080p thru the DVI?
  10. The 6200LE is capable of 1920 x 1080 resolution, but without HDCP support you will not be able to watch a Blu-Ray disc.

    A video card w/o HDCP cannot display copy protect video.
  11. Thanks, I found a HDCP capable 8400GS PCI. I will give this a try. I heard its capable of 2560x1600 too. Are there any test HD files I can play around with?
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