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This past week I brought my self a WD 1 TB to replace my Hitachi 320GB, both of these are SATA. What I want to do is to make the WD my primary and the Hitachi the slave. Right now the Hitachi is the primary and the WD is the slave. Even though the new drive is hooked up and everything the computer still does not recognize it. And as soon as the computer recognizes it, how do I copy my partition of Windows to the new drive so I can boot from it. Thank you in advance.
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    Technically speaking, SATA doesnt have a master/slave system like IDE drives.

    Just set them both up as master drives to you, disable quick boot in bios so you can boot from wherever and then boot with the 320GB drive, then once into windows copy the files from the 320GB drive onto the 1TB drive, itll show up in my computer
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