ATI Radeon HD 3200 Audio On Tv?

I have an Integrated Radeon HD 3200.

It has a DVI port, and a VGA port.
I'm using a DVI->HDMI Cable and hooking it up to my Samsung HDTV.

I get picture but I do not get sound.

Even if I hook up the speaker wires to the T.V there is no sound, unless I use the VGA port and connect it to my TV.

How can I use my DVI port and get audio on my TV?

There's also a digital audio port underneath, but I'm not sure what I would need, and need to do to use it.

Is there a way I can get sound with just the DVI->HDMI port?

I'm running on Windows Vista 64.
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  1. DVI and VGA only carries video.

    HDMI can carry video and audio. Connecting a DVI - HDMI adapter will not yield audio since DVI does not carry audio.
  2. so am I suppose to use the digital audio port and hook that up to my HDTV? what kind of cable/wire would I need? Do I convert it?
  3. Well what kind of motherboard do you have? I'm pretty sure it'll have a optical or SPDIF coaxial out.
  4. Can you use a DVI->HDMI cable and set the audio source on the HDMI channel to analogue? Think you should then be able to source the sound from Red/White from the component ports.
  5. The DVI doesn't have sound in it.Only if you have a dedicated GPU with SPDIF in.
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