Asrock p55 extreme ??

thought i'll couple the new core i5 with the asrock p55 extreme ??

actually i was very apprehensive about asrock...

but heard a lot of good things about them... what do u ppl suggest ?? is asrock a good company ?? and is this motherboard a good one for the core i5 platform ??
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  1. i love mobo's that boot up very quickly !! so does this satisfy my prime concern
  2. I'm not sure about the booting question, but that often depends on your setup as much as the mobo. As for asrock many people have had horrible experiences with their stuff, but i have used three of their p45 mobos and a 790gx which are all overclocked and still working perfectly for friends/siblings. Just my 2 cents.
  3. horrible ?? i've heard great reviews by people who have owned it(jus like urself) but the others... always say asrock products suck...
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