Warning: ThermalRight HR-05/IFX Pad Support Health Hazard

After 2 years of usage, the 680i mobo failed to POST.

Upon removal of the ThermalRight HR-05/IFX (to claim warranty from Asus), I discover the square pad support installed between the chipset and the HR-05/IFX had become hardened and chalky. No longer was the pad removable in one piece. Removal required a long process of manually scrapping the now chalky particles out, perhaps releasing hazardous chalky particles into the air.

This is unacceptable, I am very disappointed in this product.
This mobo was not overclock/volted. The entire setup was designed to be a (Almost) Passive Silent PC.

Buyer Beware
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  1. lol...well alot of heat sinks with thermal tape have that issue...when the parts get really hot the tape gradually ruins...so it's good to buy some thermal tape and replace it once in a while on all of the cooler that use that...

    Plus it could have been the motherboard or psu rather than the cooler...if something happened to the mobo like a voltage spike or something that would make the parts overheat and kill the mobo...and as a result ruin the thermal tape making it look like it was the cooler...

    I'm not trying to imply anything other than that you can't really be 100% sure what caused the issue...I hope you get a new mobo from asus though...good luck
  2. It wasn't a thermal pad. It is a stabilizer pad that fits on the plastic surrounding the chip to make up for the small area of the chip and provide balance. This area should not be hot.
  3. That was on the cooler? well if that's what is was that's not the best design...but it should still not affect the way the cooler cools...so it very well could have been something else like the mobo...
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