Crossfire two 4850's? or upgrade to 4870?

Alright i currently have one 4850 in my computer. Im looking to upgrade, should i buy another 4850 for crossfire? or buy a 4870? wich one for more performance?

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  1. Two HD 4850 XFired will be faster than a single HD 4870. See following review for benchmarks:
  2. alright thanks man
  3. Two 4850's will perform better then the 4870, but imo you tend to run into less issues, especially with newly released games, on the single card solution compared to the SLI/Crossfire solution.
  4. I would sell the 4850 and replace it with a GTX 260 (216) or GTX 275. IMO, it's a better investment and be more "future proofed" than two 4850s. And you won't have to stress waiting for an SLI patch or troubleshooting the infamous SLI stutter.
  5. ^-1^ OMG nvidia fanboyism anyone?
  6. Sorry... double post LOL
  7. Sigh.. i guess you get what you pay for some days when you ask for free advice...

    Don't listen to Hundredisland, he is either joking (I sure hope so) or currently impared..

    2 4850's will run mostly anything and perform better than any single GPU. It is not currently worth investing in a more powerful single GPU given how much more that would cost you than just one 4850 specially cosidering the performance of 4850's in corssfire. Crossfire is not free of errors though, by the time suport for 4000 series crossfire starts to drop off you will be able to get a far more powerful single gpu card though...
  8. Considering how cheap another 4850 is these days (what, sub $100 now) I think it is the best choice if you need more power.
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