Can I use Delta 44 and my onboard audio?

I just got an ASRock M3A780G Motherboard and I have a Delta 44 audio interface I use for recording. I also have an old SB Audigy 2 soundcard on hand.

I was hoping to ditch the SB cause it's so old and the onboard audio on the ASRock is probably better. But when I install the Delta 44 the onboard seems to disappear. Is there a way to use both? Or would it be better to go ahead and put the Audigy 2 in (as my alternate to the Delta 44)?
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  1. In case anyone finds this thread in a search I did find the solution. The onboard audio was set to 'Auto' in the Bios, which means when a PCI soundcard is installed the onboard is automatically disabled. All I had to do was set it to 'Enable' in the Bios.
  2. Thank you for posting the solution as well. People like you make the interwebs a better place.
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