Laptop doesent see external hard drive

Hey there... Ok so I bought a new WD elements 2tb hard drive. I plugged it into my desktop at home, it worked geat. I loaded up a bunch of movies i had ripped and some pictures. I brought it to work to use and plugged it into my laptop and mylaptop won't see it. The hard drive is powered and running. I haven't tried it on my home computer again as i'm still at work but i'm not sure what to do and worried about loosing all my data. Help.
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  1. This might not be any help at all, know its true about RAM, maybe even just a query AND i might even be wrong, i dont know much about it... but somewhere i read about some systems (more older PC's) that cant read BIG HHD's, htye have a certain cap size. So thinking that nothing is wrong with your HDD.
  2. Have you tried a different USB port? Do other devices (such as a USB flash drive) work on the port you tried?
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