Where do old Tom's hands live?

I've been wondering where all these Tom's veterans live, what's you're all like as people. If some of you are in the northeast US, maybe we could see what everyone looks like in person :pt1cable:
Not trying to stalk anybody, just an idea. I'm from NYC.

Not jsc.
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    Back in the day, prior to this place going main stream and losing the edge it once had, members used to meet up. Though, the atmosphere was completely different. Some people came along, enforced different ideas, and many left for good. I only randomly pop in when I was to answer mindless questions and take a break from work.
    One member used to keep a website where everyone, or at least the weirdos, would post a picture of themselves. That was.. geez. 5 years ago?

    Since the transistion there are a lot of one time posters, not too many people really remain. Often, most of the veterans didn't even answer questions anymore. They went to the level of six graders and never went above that level. That ultimately became the downfall to what once was. The days when Tom's actually did real tech stuff are long gone.
  2. Define "real tech stuff".
  3. kajabla said:
    Define "real tech stuff".

    I can tell you what it's not. Just read any of the posts in the Networking or Software sections in the Forum. Same questions over and over that are easily answered using Google. I'm with Riser. The level of information exchange is maybe at a sixth grade level if that.

  4. Oh, I agree that we're clogged with simple questions. That's for sure. I've just only been on here for something like nine months, so I don't know what "real tech stuff" went on in days of yore.
  5. I agree that there are some real newb questions on the forum. However, you can't fault the frequent members for those.

    I haven't been around as long as some, but the biggest difference I notice, is that the Other section is gone.
  6. kajabla said:
    Oh, I agree that we're clogged with simple questions. That's for sure. I've just only been on here for something like nine months, so I don't know what "real tech stuff" went on in days of yore.

    Previously, in the good old days, Tom's had previously used liquid nitrogen to on a, I think it was P3 maybe? to over clock the hell out of a processor. They also used various water cooling techs, including putting an entire computer in vegetable oil sans hard drive to see how the performance was and to what temp it would maintain. They used to cover how to use the over clocking kits to physically over clock a processor. Today, we have BIOS controlled over clocking, etc.

    Tom's used to get into the real details about how the hardware worked, how the platters in a hard drive operated, giving a real technical edge to the site. Now, it is all about fan boy ravings and people who think they know what they're talking about because they setup the 'optimal' computer because some third party app wants to benchmark the system.

    Most of the old hands left and went off other places.. hardware is kind of a joke. It changes so often that if you want to get up to speed on it today, sit down for an hour, read up and you know as much as anyone else. Yet, it seems to be the biggest debate today on the forums.

    Back in the day when we have a Pentium running 100mhz, OC'ing it to 120mhz was significant. Today, people are overclocking as a hobby without really seeing any gains as the CPU may no longer be the bottleneck. Show me someone who can overclock a hard drive and I'll be impressed again. :)
  7. And boom goes the dynamite.
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  9. Hey I pin modded a E4300 from 1.8 to 2.4 and a E4500 from 2.2 to 2.93
    actually writing the cpu pads with a circuit writing pen

    also froze a dead mech hard drive in freezer and was able to get about a half hour to get docs off

    and now I am tempted to bake my GPU in the oven

    some of us are still alive and kicking out here

    I even still go out in CPU and OCing forums
    I need about 25 BAs for my gold CPU badge
    so slowly working on it
    (silver GPU,silver CPU,and my Hammer :) )
  10. haha the old freezing the HD drive. That's worked well a few times.

    I don't have time for it these days.. as it provides nothing really useful today. Back when OC'ing a P1 was worthwhile, sure. Nowadays, a waste of time and OC'ing often causes stability issues in some applications.
  11. I OCd my Phenom II x 4 925 stock 2.8 OCd to 3.4 and will run Prime95 all day without errors
    so it benches exactly the same as a stock 965BE
    I do agree in a professional environment where the end result is critical that OCing is not worthwhile
    Better off spending the money on a better CPU and keeping it stock
    but for the home user OCing is so easy nowadays with the BE and K series CPUs
    that just a simple multiplier change and leaving everything else on auto
    will show a nice performance increase
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